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From the Brothers Grimm
Live-Action Versions of Classic Folk and Fairy Tales

From Davenport Films in the rural community of Delaplane, Virginia, come these retellings of classic folktales. Tom Davenport, literary anthropologist and moral godfather to a generation of schoolchildren, delivers his elemental tales that compel the viewer – child and adult – to take them seriously.

Remastered and released on DVD (see DVD list).
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Reading and Teaching Materials listed below.

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Ashpet Ashpet: An American Cinderella
Set in the rural South in the early years of World War II, Ashpet is a version of Cinderella, the world’s most popular folk tale. (45 mins.)
Bearskin, The Man Who Didn’t Wash for Seven Years
In a contest with the devil, a Civil War soldier must not wash nor pray for seven years. (20 mins.)
A haughty princess gets her comeuppance in a version of Grimm's "King Thrushbeard." (20 mins.)
The Frog King
The Frog King
A princess breaks her promise to a frog. Followed by "The Making of the Frog King. (27 mins.)
The Goose Girl
The Goose Girl

An evil maid forces a princess to change places on their way to her wedding. (18 mins.)
Hansel & Gretel
Hansel & Gretel
An Appalachian version of the classic story of the courage and loyalty of two children abandoned in the forest. (16 mins.)
Jack & the Dentist's Daughter
Jack & the Dentist’s Daughter
In this comic variant of the Grimm’s story, "The Master Thief," a poor laborer’s son wants to marry the dentist’s daughter. (40 mins.)
With nothing more than her plucky spirit and her pocket knife, a mountain girl outwits a witch and an ogre to save herself and her sisters. (53 mins.)
Rapunzel, Rapunzel
Rapunzel imprisoned in a tall wooden tower by a witch, allows a young man to climb her long brown hair to visit her. (15 mins.)
Soldier Jack
Soldier Jack

Jack catches Death in a sack in this Appalachian tale. (40 mins.)

An American Snow White
Willa joins a traveling medicine show to escape her evil step- mother. (85 mins.)
Making Grimm Movies

Making Grimm Movies
How to make movies on a shoe-string budget.(60 mins)
From the Brothers Grimm reading and teaching materials

The Book: From the Brothers Grimm • READER
From the Brothers Grimm:
A Contemporary Retelling of the Tales

Based on the film adaptations of the classic tales, this award winning book can be used to encourage reading at an 8th grade level.

Little camera A Guide to Making Grimm Movies (MGM). A 48 page illustrated guide for both students and teachers teaching the principles of inexpensive movie making. The MGM series and its guide are a good way to extend the usefulness of From the Brothers Grimm into the upper grades 8-12.
Louise Anderson tells a story
A Guide to From the Brothers Grimm
: a 48 page, language arts and life skills guide with suggestions for four different grade levels 2-4, 5-7, 8-9, and 10-12 for all the films except Willa: An American Snow White

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