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Jack & the Dentist's Daughter

Jack and the dentist's daughter
African American actors in period costumes and vintage cars re-enact a variant of the Grimms' comic story, "The Master Thief," in a small 1930s American town. Jack, a poor laborer's son, wants to marry the dentist's daughter, but the dentist insists that he earn money first. When clever jack steals the money from thugs Robin Hood-fashion, the dentist devises more premarital hurdles. Jack even kidnaps the preacher and steals the sheets off the dentist's bed — while he's sleeping in it. A fine example of an American Jack Tale, closely related to traditional trickster tales found worldwide.

(40 minutes, ages 8-adult)
Jack and the boys


  • CINE Golden Eagle winner
  • American Film Festival -- Finalist
  • Sinking Creek Film Festival -- Cash Award
  • Parent's Choice -- Gold Seal Award
  • Atlanta Film Festival -- First Prize