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Thoughts on Foxhunting
DVD includes Thoughts on Foxhunting, Thoughts on Beagling, The Upperville Horse Show, Emmanuel Church, and It Ain't City Music.
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Ashpet: An American Snow White
Set in the rural South in the early years of World War II, Ashpet is a version of Cinderella, the world’s most popular folk tale. More. DVD includes When My Work Is Over and Making Grimm Movies.
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Hansel & Gretel, Bearskin and The Frog King
Hansel & Gretel An Appalachian version of the classic story of the courage and loyalty of two children abandoned in the forest. DVD includes 2 other stories, Bearskin and The Frog King.
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Jack & the Dentist's Daughter
In this comic variant of the Grimm’s story, "The Master Thief," a poor laborer’s son wants to marry the dentist’s daughter. More. DVD includes A Singing Stream and Making Grimm Movies.
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Mutzmag: An Appalachian Tale
With nothing more than her plucky spirit and her pocket knife, a mountain girl outwits a witch and an ogre to save herself and her sisters. More DVD includes The Ballad of Frankie Silver and Making Grimm Movies.
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Rapunzel, Bristlelip and The Goose Girl
Rapunzel, imprisoned in a tall wooden tower by a witch, allows a young man to climb her long brown hair to visit her. DVD includes 2 other tales: Bristlelip, and The Goose Girl.
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Soldier Jack
Jack catches Death in a sack in this Appalachian tale. More. DVD includes Being a Joines and Making Grimm Movies.
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Willa: An American Snow White
Willa joins a traveling medicine show to escape her evil step- mother. DVD includes Born for Hard Luck and Free Show Tonight.
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From the Brothers Grimm Teacher's Guide
A 48 page language arts guide on folktales and folklore with lesson plans for four grade levels (grade 2-3,4-6,7-9, and 10-12)
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From the Brothers Grimm Reader
A Contemporary Retelling of American Folktales Paperbound book, 104 pages.
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Making Grimm Movies Teacher's Guide
A Guide to Making Grimm Movies
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