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A Film Proposal:

Cheap and Lofty

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Cheap and Lofty will recreate the life and times of Bob Davenport's and Chuck Goodman's Hollin Hills through use of Digital Video, Beta, Super 8 film, animations, brilliant still photographs, and historical footage. As the story covers approximately 70 years, the film will be sensitive to time, through the impact of visual and audio elements.

Cheap and Lofty will portray the architecture through creative cinematography that will allow the viewer to feel the interior and exterior spaces. Animations will juxtapose architectural plans with motion footage of the window-walls and modernist interiors.

Scenes with residents will be handheld, semi-verite situations. We'll see and hear today's Hollin Hills. The look and feel will be augmented through the work of many artists and musicians who found it home.

The camera will glide through the trees, and cruise in ultra-light aircraft to get a sense of the landscape, to compare and contrast the different faces of the American residential scene.

The tone will alternate between the anecdotal recollection of the community's spirit and architecture and a contemplative visual experience of the changing American landscape.

Architect Charles M. Goodman

Developer Robert C. Davenport