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A Film Proposal:

Cheap and Lofty

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The film's content will include, but not be limited to:

Bob Davenport's relationship to Hollin Hills

  • Living in the great depression, and related social experiences such as working with cooperatives.
  • Working in the New Deal.
  • The Washington Book Shop
  • Post war construction, pre-fab housing
  • Tauxemont
Chuck Goodman's modernism
  • Who was Chuck Goodman?
  • What did he design?
  • Modernist architectural thought.
  • The Hollin Hills design.
  • The surprisingly design fertile 1950's.
  • 50s modernist interiors.

The Hollin Hills landscape

  • "A Community of Vision"
  • The early settlers
  • Hollin Hills construction
  • Bob's ongoing relationship with the owners.
  • Landscape plans for Hollin Hills.
  • The environment, parks

The Hollin Hills community

  • Hollin Hills 4th of July.
  • The Civic Association
  • The Bulletin
  • A reunion of first settlers
  • Growing up in Hollin Hills, from the perspective of those who did.
  • Artists, architects, musicians
  • Hollin Hills parties

Suburbia then and now

  • The U.S. landscape before W.W.II
  • Post-war housing
  • Moving to the suburbs in the 50s
  • "Utopia"
  • Aging suburban communities
  • Suburban "boredom"
  • Suburban building today
  • What was different about Hollin Hills?

— W. Eugene Smith
for the American Institute of Architects, 1957
© The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith